The Count of Monte Cristo Single - received in excess of 100,000 views on youtube to-date

“The Count of Monte Cristo” © new release by Stonewall Gardens Music, written and composed, by BW. Copyright, PRS and MCPS Protected.

Produced by Saatchi and Saatchi brothers, music producer being Phil Saatchi and with thanks to the session musicians.

The Story of how this song came about:

I woke up one morning with a song that kept playing in my head.  I put down some riffs on the guitar, wrote down a rough template on a note pad and went back to sleep.  The next day having played back the guitar chords and fitted them with the words I had written, it sounded like a song I thought had already been recorded, having checked the Web I realised no such song existed (spooky!)

I believe similar experiences were had by Paul McCartney who dreamt the song “Yesterday” and Keith Richards with his rift “Satisfaction” both became classics!

The Process Begins:

I contacted various session musicians and a few days later we were in the studios putting down the music. Three days later they had accomplished what I wanted. Returning to the studios I asked the team whether they felt any changes were needed, they were united in saying the first take was excellent with no need for change. The only point I stipulated at that meeting was that I wanted the rock guitarist to put more guitar licks on the end of the song which was agreed upon.

Whilst we were chatting in the studios one musician said, “sounds very Bowiesque” another said, “the song sounds like a Kinks song". Others in the music industry have also given this song positive feedback and also considered it chart material.

“The Count of Monte Cristo” ©.